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Kentucky History--Selected Works

First Explorations of Kentucky: Doctor Thomas Walker's Journal of an Exploration of Kentucky in 1750 . . . also Colonel Christopher Gist's Journal of a Tour through Ohio and Kentucky in 1751 (1898)
Call Number: KEN./F454 .J73 1898 

The First White Man of the West; or, The Life and Exploits of Col. Dan'l Boone, the First Settler of Kentucky; Interspersed with Incidents in the Early Annals of the Country / By Timothy Flint (1851)
Call Number: F 454 .B748 1851x [Library Use Only, Colvin Archives]

The Adventures of Colonel Daniel Boon, Formerly a Hunter: Containing a Narrative of the Wars of Kentucky, with the Discovery, Purchase, and Settlement of Kentucky; and the Painkashaw Council, 1784; and Territory of North American Indians; and the Rights of Land in Kentucky [John Filson] (1967)
Call Number: F 454 .B757 1967 

Eden of the West : Documents from Early Upper South History: A Reader (1996)
Call Number: F 213 .E33 1996

A Narrative of the Life & Travels of John Robert Shaw, The Well-Digger, Now Resident in Lexington, Kentucky (1807)
Call Number: E 275 .S53 1807 [Library Use Only, Colvin Archives]

Westward into Kentucky: The Narrative of Daniel Trabue (2004)
Call Number: F454 .T728 2004 

An Outline of the History of the Church in the State of Kentucky, During a Period of Forty Years: Containing the Memoirs of Rev. David Rice, and Sketches of the Origin and Present State of Particular Churches, and of the Lives and Labours of a Number of Men who were Eminent and Useful in Their Day. Collected and Arranged by Robert H. Bishop (1968)
Call Number: BAPT./BR555.K4 B6 1968

A Debate on Universalism Held in Warsaw Kentucky, May, 1844, Between Rev. E. Pingree, Pastor of the First Universalist society, Louisville, Kentucky., and Rev. John L. Waller, Am. pastor of Glen's Creek Baptist Church, Woodford County, Ky. (1845)
Call Number: KEN./BX9941.A1P563 1845 

Memoirs of Rev. William Vaughan, D.D., By His Son, Thos. M. Vaughan ... With Sketches of His Character by Rev. J.M. Pendleton, D.D., and Others (1878)
Call Number: KEN./BX6495.V3 V3 1878 

Shaker Manuscript Hymnals from South Union, Kentucky (1967)
Call Number: KEN./ML3178.S5 T5 1967

The Life of Cassius Marcellus Clay; Memoirs, Writings, and Speeches, Showing His Conduct in the Overthrow of American Slavery, the Salvation of the Union, and the Restoration of the Autonomy of the States (1969)
Call Number: KEN./E415.9.C55 A3 1969 

Footloose in Jacksonian America: Robert W. Scott and His Agrarian World (1989)
Call Number: E165 .C586 1990 

Papers of Henry Clay (1959-1992)
Call Number: KEN./E337.8 .C55 1959VOL.2 

Obituary Addresses on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon. Henry Clay, A Senator of the United States from the State of Kentucky (1852)
Call Number: KEN./E340.C6 U5 1852 

Slave Life in Virginia and Kentucky: A Narrative by Francis Fedric, Escaped Slave (2010)
Call Number: E 444 .F85 A3 2010 

Seventy Years on the Frontier: Alexander Majors' Memoirs of a Lifetime on the Border (1965)
Call Number: F596 .M19 1965 

Josie Underwood's Civil War Diary (2009)
Call Number: F 459 .B7 U53 2009

Diary of a Confederate Soldier: John S. Jackman of the Orphan Brigade (1990)
Call Number: E564.5 1st .J33 

Johnny Green of the Orphan Brigade; The Journal of a Confederate Soldier (1956, 2002)
Call Number: E 605 .G7 1956, 2002

Bluegrass Confederate: The Headquarters Diary of Edward O. Guerrant (1999)
Call Number: E564.6 4th .G84 1999 (Library Use Only) 

Kentucky Cavaliers in Dixie: or, The Reminiscences of a Confederate Cavalryman (1895)
Call Number: KEN./E605 .M88 1895 

A Union Woman in Civil War Kentucky: The Diary of Frances Peter (2000)
Call Number: E601 .P48 2000 

A Southern Boy in Blue: The Memoir of Marcus Woodcock, 9th Kentucky Infantry (U.S.A.) (1996)
Call Number: E509.5 9th .W66 1996 

Camp Nelson, Kentucky: a Civil War history (2002)
Call Number: F459.C35 S43 2002 

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky: Union Printed by Authority of the Legislature of Kentucky...1861-1866 (rpt. 1984)
Call Number: E 509.2 [Library Use Only, Colvin Archives, Civil War Collection]

Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky, Confederate Kentucky Volunteers, War 1861-65 (1979-1980)
Call Number: E 564.3 .K37 [Library Use Only, Colvin Archives]

Constitution, By-Laws and Membership, Confederate Veteran Association of Kentucky, with Name, Rank, Command and Residence (1891)
Call Number: E 485.2 .K7 1891 

Mammoth Cave of Kentucky: An Illustrated Manual (1897)
Call Number: KEN./F457.M2 H8 1897 

"Marse Henry": An Autobiography [Henry Watterson] (1919)
Call Number: KEN/E664.W34 W32 1919 

A Kentucky Album: Farm Security Administration Photographs, 1935-1943
Call Number: F456 .K35 1986

Bomber Pilot: a Memoir of World War II [Philip Ardery] (1978)
Call Number: D790 .A86 

A Country Boy Used by the Lord: An Autobiography [Otis Webster Yates] (1979)
Call Number: BV 3785 .Y38 C680 1979 

Hundred Proof, Salt River Sketches & Memoirs of the Bluegrass [William Henry Townsend] (1964)
Call Number: KEN./E175.5.T6 A3 1964 

The Squire's Memoirs: Life Story of J. Winston Coleman, Jr., Kentucky Author and Historian and Resident of Lexington, Kentucky (1975)
Call Number: KEN./F456.C6 A30 1975 

Memoirs: Sixty Years on the Firing Line [Arthur Krock] (1968)
Call Number: E743 .K7 1968

Memoirs: 50 years at the Courier-Journal and Other Places [John Ed Pearce] (1997)
Call Number: PN 4874 .P4 A3 1997  [Library Use Only, Colvin Collection]

The Seven Storey Mountain [Thomas Merton] (1991)
Call Number: BX 4705 .M542 A3 1999b 

The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (2004)
Call Number: JK 5325 1891 A63 2004 

Acts of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky (1854-1962)
Call Number: KFK 25.2 A37 

The Public Papers of Governor Simeon Willis, 1943-1947 (1988)
Call Number: J87 .K417  

The Public Papers of Governor Bert T. Combs, 1959-1963 (1979)
Call Number: KEN./J87 .K417 1979 

The Public Papers of Governor Edward T. Breathitt, 1963-1967 (1984)
Call Number: F456.2 .B74 1983

The Public Papers of Governor Louie B. Nunn, 1967-1971 (1975)
Call Number: KEN./J87 .K417 1967 

The Public Papers of Governor Wendell H. Ford, 1971-1974 (1978)
Call Number: KEN./J87 .K417 1971 

The Public Papers of Governor Martha Layne Collins, 1983-1987 (2006)
Call Number: J87 .K417 1983

The Public Papers of Governor Brereton C. Jones, 1991-1995 (2001)
Call Number: J87 .K4 A15 2001

My Own Story: An Account of the Conditions in Kentucky Leading to the Assassination of William Goebel, Who was Declared Governor of the State, and My Indictment and Conviction on the Charge of Complicity in His Murder [Caleb Powers] (1905)
Call Number: F456 .P80 [Library Use Only, Colvin Archives]

Bert Combs, the Politician: An Oral History (1991)
Call Number: F456.26.C66 B47 

Whistle Stops: Adventures in Public Life [Wilson W. Wyatt] (1985)
Call Number: E748.W97 A39

Passing for Black: The Life and Careers of Mae Street Kidd (1997)
Call Number: E185.97.K44 H35

The Rest of the Dream: The Black Odyssey of Lyman Johnson  (1988) 
Call Number: E185.97.J693 A3 

The Inky Way [Alice Hegan Rice] (1940)
Call Number: PS 3535 .I2145 Z5 1940 

Clear Springs : A Memoir [Bobbie Ann Mason] (1999)
Call Number: PS 3563 .A7877 Z77 1999 

My Century in History: Memoirs [Thomas D. Clark] (2006)
Call Number: E 175.5 .C56 A3 2006 

Payne Hollow Journal [of Harlan Hubbard] (1996)
Call Number: F457.T65 H83

Face Boss: The Memoir of a Western Kentucky Coal Miner [Michael D. Guillerman] (2009)
Call Number: HD 8039 .M62 U6266 2009 

An Interruption that Lasted a Lifetime: My First Eighty Years: Memoirs of E. Bruce Heilman (2008)
Call Number: LD4711.R417 H456 2008