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Music & Music Education

Montgomery Library's Guide to Music Resources


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New to the Shelf!

Find these titles and many others in the Music Reference and Music circulating collections shelved in the basement of Montgomery Library:

MUSIC REF ML 128 .C4 H5 2021   Piano in Chamber Ensemble, 3rd Edition
MUSIC REF ML 410 .S6872 P46 2021   The Stephen Sondheim Encyclopedia
HM 646.2 .P86 P86 2021   Punk Identities, Punk Utopias: Global Punk and Media
M 1629.7 .H4 L45 2019   Lei Nahonoapi'ilani: Songs of West Maui 
ML 82 .B5 2021   Fempoetiks of American Poetry and Americana Music
ML 82 .B27 2021   Unbinding Gentility: Women Making Music in the Nineteenth-Century South
ML 82 .C96 2022   Women and Musical Salons in the Enlightenment
ML 82 .W53 2019   Ritual Soundings: Women Performers & World Religions
ML 113 .S28 2020   Music Research
ML 128 .P3 H534 2024   The Pianist's Bookshelf: A Practical Guide to Books, Videos, and Other Resources
ML 197 .A87 2013     Music in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries
ML 330.5 .F37 2019   Inside Arabic Music
ML 344 .L83 2019   Music of a Thousand Years
ML 348 .M87 2021   Music in Arabia: Perspectives on Heritage, Mobility, and Nation
Ml 390 .D78 2021   Russian Composers Abroad: How They Left, Stayed, Returned
ML 410 .B4 B58 2020   Beethoven: Variations on a Life
ML 410 .B4 L598 2020   Beethoven's Lives: The Biographical Tradition
ML 410 .B566 R37 2021   Bernstein and Robbins: The Early Ballets
ML 410 .B8 M32 2021
  Brahams in the Priesthood or Art: Gender and Art Religion in the Nineteenth-Century Musical Imagination
ML 410 .C756 M95 2020   Aaron Copland's Hollywood Film Scores
ML 410 .I94 B49 2021   Listen to Charles Ives: Variations on His America
ML 410 .K732 D37 2020   Zoltan Kodaly's World of Music
ML 410 .M23 B48 2022   Inside Mahler's Second Symphony: A Listener's Guide
ML 410 .M23 J669 2020   The Eighth: Mahler and the World of 1910
ML 410 .M23 M2333 2022   Mahler in Context
ML 410 .M595 B45 2019   Olivier Messiaen's Opera, Saint Francois D'Assise
ML 410 .S8163 S65 2020   Music by Max Steiner: The Epic Life of Hollywood's Most Influential Composer
ML 410 .T83 N35 2021   Reminded by the Instruments: David Tudor's Music
ML 410 .V76 A94 2022     Villa-Lobos and Modernism: The Apotheosis of Cannibal Music
ML 417 .S4 S87 2021   Becoming Clara Schumann: Performance Strategies in the Culture of the Musical Canon
ML 419.4 P4 M38 2020   Charlie Parker, Composer
ML 420 .H1135 K37 2022
  Performing Racial Uplift: E. Azalia Hackley and African American Activism in the Postbellum to Pre-Harlem Era
ML 650 .B685 2021   Piano-Playing Revisited: What Modern Players Can Learn from Period Instruments
ML 651 .C36 2019   The Cambridge Companion to the Harpsichord
ML 1005 .A8313 2019   Guide to the Contemporary Harp
ML 1015 .M25 B47 2020   The Art of Mbira: Musical Inheritance and Legacy
ML 1723.8 .V6 B18 2021   The Operetta Empire: Music Theater in Early Twentieth-Century Vienna
ML 2075 .C3706 2022    Improvising the Score: Rethinking Modern Film Music Through Jazz
ML 2075 .H317 2022   Film Music: An Introduction in 11 Takes
ML 2827  .L3913 2021   Le Chant Intime: The Interpretation of French Melodie
ML 3111.4 .M47 2020   Gems of Exquisite Beauty: How Hymnody Carried Classical Music to America
ML 3477 .B68 2020   The Pop, Rock and Soul Reader: Histories and Debates
ML 3477 .S67 2021   Atomic Tunes: The Cold War in American and British Popular Music
ML 3477 .W457 2021   Songbooks: The Literature of American Popular Music
ML 3477.9 .N48 L36 2021   New York and the International Sound of Latin Music 1940-1990
ML 3506 .G54 2021   The History of Jazz (3rd Edition)
ML 3508 .O48 2022     Antagonistic Cooperation: Jazz, Collage, Fiction, and the Shaping of African American Culture
ML 3508 .S95 2021   Jazz: Race and Social Change (1870-2019)
ML 3524 .N42 2019   Country Music: a Cultural and Stylistic History
ML 3531 .O74 2022   Rap and Hip Hop Culture; 2nd Edition
ML 3537 .L67 2020   The Meaning of Soul: Black Music and Resilience Since the 1960s
ML 3550 .M88 2019   Music and Modernity Among First Peoples of North America
ML 3775 .E27 B46 2019   Singing and Survival: the Music of Easter Island
ML 3798 .S37 2019   Living Ethnomusicology
ML 3799 .C85 2019   Cultural Sustainabilities: Music, Media, Language, Advocacy
ML 3807 .W25 2022   Nothing but Noise: Timbre and Musical Meaning at the Edge
ML 3813 .I86 2020   Focal Impulse Theory: Musical Expression, Meter, and the Body
ML 3830 .J87 2019   Musical Emotions Explained: Unlocking the Secrets of the Musical Affect
ML 3830 .O88 2019   The Oxford Handbook of Music and the Body
ML 3830 .S696 2020   A History of Emotion in Western Music: A Thousand Years from Chant to Pop
ML 3853 .D63 2020   Being True to Works of Muisc
ML 3880 .S515 2019   Good Music
ML 3915 .H43 2019   Hearing the Crimean War
ML 3917 .E85 M875 2020   Music in World War II: Coping with Wartime in Europe and the United States
ML 3918 .R37 K37 2020   Build: the Power of Hip Hop Diplomacy in a Divided World
ML 3921 .M883 2019   Music, Education, and Religion: Intersections and Entanglements
ML 3921.2 .A75 2019   Music and Faith: Conversations in a Post-Secular Age
MT 1 .C835 2022   Critical Issues in Music Education: Contemporary Theory and Practice
MT 1 .J679 2021   Values and Music Education
MT 44 .B4 2020   The Solfeggio Tradition: A Forgotten Art of Melody in the Long Eighteenth Century
MT 64.V53 K45 2020   The Game Music Handbook: A Practical Guide to Crafting an Unforgettable Musical Soundscape
MT 68 .M617 2020   The Pianist's Guide to Historic Improvisation
MT 68 .T73 2020   A Case for Charpentier: Treatise on Accompaniment and Composition
MT 232 .B34 2021   The Performing Pianist's Guide to Fingering
MT 956 .F59 2022    So You Want to Sing Musical Theatre: A Guide for Performers
TD 893.5 .B6 C37 2019   Sound-Politics in Sao Paulo

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