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Research Basics - All Subjects

Montgomery Library's Guide to Research Basics

Getting Started

Some steps to take when conducting research using electronic resources:

1.  Define your topic   Identify the research question you are going to answer.  
2. Develop a search strategy       Choose keywords and phrases to describe your topic. Compose a Boolean (advanced) search.
3. Search for resources        Use your Boolean search in a database that covers your topic.
4. Evaluate search results   Evaluate your results and revise your search if necessary.
5. Write and cite   When writing, be sure to cite any sources of information used.
6. Review and revise   Review your work, checking for errors.

Know Your Assignment

What do you need to know about your assignment?

  • How many sources do you need?
  • Do you need journal articles and books?
  • Do you need scholarly sources only?
  • Which citation style are you using?
  • What is the tone of your paper to be? (Persuasive? Formal?)

The Writing Center

Part of the Badgett Academic Support Center at Campbellsville University, The Writing Center provides peer writing consultants to guide undergraduate students through the writing process.

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