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Research Basics - All Subjects

Montgomery Library's Guide to Research Basics

Online Access

Authenticating for access to online Montgomery Library resources:

On the library webpage, select CU Search or a database from the Databases A-Z list. Next you will be asked to authenticate by entering your Moodle credentials. Now you are ready to begin searching for online library resources. You will not need to reauthenticate during this browsing session.


Montgomery Library's online resources are available to the Campbellsville University community at all times, from anywhere there is a device with Internet connectivity. Online resources include e-books, journals and much more, like newspaper articles, reviews, diaries, images of art, sound recordings and films.

CU Search

CU Search, our powerful finding tool, provides a quick single search of most of Montgomery Library's online and physical resources. 

To search an individual database, find a complete list of databases here: Databases A-Z

Films on Demand