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Research Basics - All Subjects

Montgomery Library's Guide to Research Basics

Physical Library Resources

Find resources on the shelf at Montgomery Library by searching the online catalog.

Using the Catalog

Find books and other resources on the shelves by searching Montgomery Library's online catalog. Access it from any device with Internet connectivity.

There are multiple ways to search the catalog. Use the drop-down menu to change from keyword to author or title. In Advanced Search, connect keywords and phrases using AND, OR or NOT. 

Keyword         Enter a single word or phrase (phrase in "quotation marks") describing your subject.
Author   Enter last name, first name.
  Title   Enter the exact title.

Advanced Search
Boolean search) 

       Access the Advanced Search option to create Boolean searches using the connectors AND, OR, NOT to combine a keyword or phrase with an additional keyword or phrase (phrase in "quotation marks"). 
AND narrows search results. Example: education and teens
OR broadens search results. Example: education and (teens or adolescents)
NOT filters searches, eliminating undesired results. Example: education not (teens or adolescents)
Material Type Limit your search to certain material types by using the drop-down menu (optional).
Location The default location is Campbellsville University.
Search Tips  Use the Help link for instructions on how to search for materials more effectively.

Montgomery Library Locations

The online catalog provides a location and call number for each item. The location tells you where to find the item (which area or building). The call number or classification number tells you where to find the item on the shelf.

Montgomery Library Locations:

Archives Special collections (non-circulating) held in the first floor Archives.
Louisville Items found at Montgomery Library - Louisville Center
Main Stacks          Circulating books found on the first floor. Books with classification N (Art) are located in the basement.
Music Scores found in the Library's basement.
Reference Books for in-library use found in the reference collection on the first floor.
TLRC Children's books found on the first floor of Montgomery Library.
Videorecordings           Shelved on the first floor of Montgomery Library.

CU Library Exchange

CU Library Exchange is the service that physically delivers the circulating resources of Montgomery Library to the Campbellsville University community in remote locations. Please request library materials through the Exchange using the online form below. 


Library of Congress Classification

Browse the shelves using this overview of the Library of Congress Classification system:

Library of Congress Classification System:

           A     General Works                         M           Music                                  
  B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion   N Fine Arts
  C-D      History: General and Old World   P Language and Literature
  E History: America   Q Science
  F United States Local History   R Medicine
  G Geography, Anthropology, Recreation   S Agriculture
  H Social Sciences   T Technology
  J Political Science   U Military Science
  K Law   V Naval Science
  L Education   Z Bibliographies, Library Science
Interlibrary Loan
By using Interlibrary Loan, books and articles unavailable at Montgomery Library may be obtained from other libraries free of charge unless a fee is required by the lending library.
Complete the online Interlibrary Loan form below. Allow at least two weeks for delivery of materials.