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Faculty Publications

Montgomery Library's Guide to Publications by Faculty, Staff, and Trustees of Campbellsville University

Faculty Publications

About this guide:


This guide contains citations for publications by Campbellsville University faculty, staff, and trustees and is not a complete list. Publications listed may include books, book chapters, and articles, published in print or online. Creative scholarship is also included.

Submitting Publication Information:

If you would like to see your publications included in this guide, please email the citation information to Jonathan Lehtonen at

Faculty A-Z

Allen, Lisa -- Education

Arranz Ordas, Carmen -- Humanities

Aschenbrener, Crystal -- Social Work

Badgett, J. Chester -- Trustees & Staff

Bertram, Dale -- Marriage & Family Therapy

Budd, Joseph -- Social Science

Burch, John -- Social Science

Callahan, Erica -- Chiropractic

Carter, Eric M. -- Social Science

Cooper, Gretchen -- Marriage & Family Therapy

Cooper-Bolinskey, Dianna -- Social Work

Corum, Rick --  Business, Economics & Technology

De Freitas, Gabriel -- Business, Economics & Technology

Early, Joseph Jr. -- Theology

Engle, Justy -- Humanities

Eubank, Damon -- Social Science

Fegett, David -- Social Science

Flanagan, Valerie -- Education

Fulford, Mark -- Business, Economics, & Technology

Garrett, Jason -- Mass Communication

Goble, Edward -- Trustees & Staff

Gower, Nathan -- Humanities

Hansford, Candace -- Social Work

Harris, Tammy -- Nursing

Harrity, Dave -- Humanities

Herron, Jeffrey -- Education

Himes, Bobby R. -- Social Science

Howell, J. Dwayne -- Theology

Howell, Susan -- Social Science

Hurtgen, John -- Theology

Johnson, Blake -- Music

Kim, Kibaek -- Human Performance

Lehtonen, Jonathan -- Staff

Lehtonen, Kelly -- Humanities

Magruder, Robin -- Education

May, Jonathan -- Social Science

McArthur, Lisa -- Music

Moore, Jonathan -- Natural Science

Mudd-Fegett, Kimberly -- Social Work

Oliver, Matthew -- Humanities

O'Neal, G. Michael -- Theology

Roberts, M. Wesley -- Music

Roop, Jason -- Theology

Sartin, Renee -- Social Work

Sahu, Indra -- Natural Science

Tesseneer, Robert, A. -- Trustees & Staff

Thomas, Franklin -- Education

Trejo Williams, Azucena -- Art & Design

Vale, Rhonda G. -- Nursing

Valentine, Tommy -- Theology

VanCleave, Antoinette DeNika Lanai -- Social Work

Wallace, Joseph -- Education

Weddle, Laura -- Humanities

Weddle, Leo F. -- Education

Weisman, Jeffrey --Education

Wigginton, Scott -- Theology

Wilder, Terry L. -- Theology

Williams, Jarvis J. -- Theology

Williams, Shawn -- Social Science

Wilson, Dale -- Social Science

Wright, Susan -- Humanities